16 November 2017

Upcoming Responsibilities

Next month, the new officers of my lodge will be installed for their upcoming terms. I have been asked by the Incoming Master to serve as the Installation Marshall for the Installation ceremonies. I am extremely honored to be serving in this capacity. I first introduced the incoming Master to the craft following his infant daughter's hospitalization at the Shriner's Hospital in St. Louis for an orthopedic
issue when she was born. He had asked if I knew how one became a Shriner and the rest is history. Since his entering the craft he has been nothing but a solid example of what it means to be a mason. He has told so many of what being a member of the fraternity has done for him and has helped quite a few brothers take that first step.

I took a demit from my mother lodge to his sometime after moving from our home state. I have always been impressed with the kindness and brotherly love that my brothers at Temperance #73 have extended to me from the very first time I walked in their doors. I spent last Saturday afternoon working on installing a new sound system in the lodge room. I was so glad to give an albeit small portion of my time back to my friends in Ohio. The picture is of a wooden depiction of our building in Sidney Ohio. A gift from my friend and incoming Master, it sits perched above the closet door in my office to remind me that my good friends are not that far away.

08 November 2017


I have been researching the craft off and on for more than 2 decades. I wanted to join as early as being 15. I have 1st cousin, once removed who is like an uncle and brother to me and I had a close friend when I was young who was also a member of the craft. I have certainly read about the landmarks before but reading a recent reddit post about them has brought them, again, to my examination. What does your GL think of them? Is there an official position? Do you think that all of them are relevant today? I am forming my thoughts but am certain that I am at odds with at least two of these as presented here. Is it time for modifications? That is to ask; can these things be strengthened and updated without abandoning the ideals that they represent, and we hold dear? For reference, I have posted a link to a wonderful page but I also list them below. I welcome your insights.

1.The modes of RECOGNITION.
3.The Legend of the THIRD DEGREE.
5.The prerogative of the Grand Master to preside over every assembly of the craft.
6.The prerogative of the Grand Master to grant Dispensations for conferring degrees at irregular times.
7.The prerogative of the Grand Master to give dispensations for opening and holding Lodges.
8.The prerogative of the Grand Master to make masons at sight.
9.The necessity of masons to congregate in lodges.
10.The government of the craft, when so congregated in a Lodge by a Master and two Wardens.
11.The necessity that every lodge, when congregated, should be duly tiled.
12.The right of every mason to be represented in all general meetings of the craft and to instruct his representatives.
13.The Right of every mason to appeal from the decision of his brethren in Lodge convened, to the Grand Lodge or General Assembly of Masons.
14.THE RIGHT OF EVERY MASON TO VISIT and sit in every regular Lodge.
15.No visitor, unknown as a Mason, can enter a Lodge without first passing an examination according to ancient usage
16.No Lodge can interfere in the business of another Lodge, nor give degrees to brethren who are members of other Lodges
17.Every freemason is Amenable to the Laws and Regulations of the masonic jurisdiction in which he resides.
18.Qualifications of a candidate: that he shall be a man, unmultilated, free born, and of mature age.
19.A belief in the existence of God.
20.Subsidiary to this belief in God, is the belief in a resurrection to a future life.
21.A "Book of the Law" shall constitute an indispensable part of the furniture of every Lodge.
23.The secrecy of the institution.
24.The foundation of a Speculative Science, for purposes of religious or moral teaching.
25.These Landmarks can never be changed.

26 October 2017

Another Go?

As it is with so many of these blogs, or journals, or webpages, or whatever, it has been a long time since I have written anything here. A lot has transpired since then. I have earned a PhD, moved twice, and even joined a different lodge. There is so much to say that it is hard to put down so I will just leave it in my head until it comes up with some relevancy. for the time being, I will just simply share a short video that I have come to enjoy watching from time to time.