16 November 2017

Upcoming Responsibilities

Next month, the new officers of my lodge will be installed for their upcoming terms. I have been asked by the Incoming Master to serve as the Installation Marshall for the Installation ceremonies. I am extremely honored to be serving in this capacity. I first introduced the incoming Master to the craft following his infant daughter's hospitalization at the Shriner's Hospital in St. Louis for an orthopedic
issue when she was born. He had asked if I knew how one became a Shriner and the rest is history. Since his entering the craft he has been nothing but a solid example of what it means to be a mason. He has told so many of what being a member of the fraternity has done for him and has helped quite a few brothers take that first step.

I took a demit from my mother lodge to his sometime after moving from our home state. I have always been impressed with the kindness and brotherly love that my brothers at Temperance #73 have extended to me from the very first time I walked in their doors. I spent last Saturday afternoon working on installing a new sound system in the lodge room. I was so glad to give an albeit small portion of my time back to my friends in Ohio. The picture is of a wooden depiction of our building in Sidney Ohio. A gift from my friend and incoming Master, it sits perched above the closet door in my office to remind me that my good friends are not that far away.

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