20 September 2009

I recently saw this...

Proverbs 8:27
When he prepared the heavens, I was there, when he set a compass upon the face of the depth.

17 September 2009

A visit to my local bretheren and we come back to light.

I have recently began PhD studies at Ohio university. I am commuting back and forth from Dayton To athens once a week with the family back in Dayton still selling the house. I stopped in to the local lodge for their first stated meeting since going dark. It was a great time. Although it was their stated, the brtheren were out in a good company and very welcoming. The Master invited me to partake in all the lodge has to offer and even participate int he lodge ritual work if I felt so inclined. (He is doing all the lectures and alot of the charges right now as they are looking for others to help.) I was welcomed by EACH and I do mean EACH of the bretheren there that night with the exceptions of three new guys who came in on the one-day class and were a bit nervous I think, to even be there.
The lodge was closed and we went to refreshment which was a very welcome late dinner for this starving student.

Thank you bretheren, I will be there for the EA on the 22nd!

I am also excited to attend my Mother lodge's first meeting this fall tomorrow evening. We will also be having a MM degree on the 25th. I have a full masonic calendar to look forward to this month!