29 October 2009

Scottish Rite

I have filed my petition with the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, Valley of Dayton, Ohio. The Fall reunion is on two weekends this year. I will be a part of the Fall Reunion Class # 259 Ill. John William McNaughton, 33°, Class November 7 & 14, 2009. this reunion will include a visit from
John William McNaughton, Sovereign Grand Commander on November 14, 2009.
McNaughton had been serving as Grand Lieutenant Commander since August. More on him in the Scottish Rite News valley of Dayton.
I was approached concerning my previous interest in the York Rite. However, I chose to become a Scottish Rite mason to join the ranks of my good friends Ken and Dick who have each been a great help to me in my search for Masonic Light as well as my cousin John Carpenter who has allowed his own light to shine on me since I was a child. I am excited to be exposed to the lessons that are to be learned from the Dramas.