24 February 2010

Long time no see and first signed petition.

I happened to be in Dayton this last Friday, so of course I stopped by the ol' Mother Lodge and visited with the brethren. I had anticipated the visit so I called ahead to the Secretary and procured a copy of the Ritual so I can study as my access to Masonic Light here in SE Ohio is somewhat limited and sporadic due to schedule constraints.

The only matter of business for the evening was to read a petition into the meeting. This was prefaced by the Secretary stating that a certain Brother had indicated that I was to be the second signature. I was unaware of any such arrangement. However, considering that the Brother in question was my first line signer, I was prepared to sign the petition based upon his honor and my trust of him to not expect me to do so having not met the petitioner.. Also, we mutually know a lot of people so I was not really expecting a big surprise. when the name was read I was excited. It was a man I have known for a while and prior to moving to Athens, had given a tour of the Masonic Center to.

I told the brethren a little about him and signed the petition. It felt very good to be part of bringing someone to light albeit small. But of course it is by these small, simple beginning acts that all good works are accomplished right?

I was honored to sign the Petition to my good friend and future Masonic Brother, John Curran.

02 January 2010

Scottish Rite and plans to visit a local lodge.

I really enjoyed Scottish Rite. The degree work was well displayed and I was able to enjoy it alongside a brother from my own lodge. I now have the family here with me in Athens, OH. I am looking forward to getting to know the bretheren here in the Local Lodge. They are putting on two EA Degrees this upcoming Tuesday. I am eager to be there to see two new brothers join our ranks. It should be exciting. I attended their stated a few months back and enjoyed their fellowship. I am sure that this week will be no different.