09 January 2009

Entered apprentice

I am writing this just before i go home. Tonight I am going to the lodge to be a candidate for the entered apprentice degree of freemasonry. I cannot tell you how excited I am. I am eager in anticipation to not only go through this degree and get all of this started, but to also be involved with some great men working hard to do even greater things. I am looking forward to being supported by them as I do my best and I look forward to helping them in anyway I can. I spoke with my 2nd cousin last night on the phone. He has been and continues to be one of the greatest of encouragements to me. I called him to let him know that the time had come and I would be going to the lodge the next night. He as he always does, encouraged me by telling me that i would benefit from it and that I would make a fine addition to the fraternity. He has always had kind words when others did not. I told him how much I appreciate him. This fraternity has caused me to already be a better man by sharing my feelings with a man I respect not because he is a mason but because he acts like one. And always has.

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