12 May 2009

Finally found it

I have been looking for a piece of Masonic jewelry since January when I was an Entered Apprentice. I wanted something unique, something out of the ordinary, I wanted something subtle. I have a right hand ring I wear now and do not want to stop wearing it. It is a symbol of who I am and i plan on involving it with my sons when they are older. All of these criteria turned me to a pendant of some kind or another. Since I do not like gold but prefer silver, it was even more narrow. I had quite a search ahead of me.
It was while I was thus engaged, that I came across what I really wanted. I had pretty much decided upon a folding Square and Compass pendant, I just needed to find the best quality and deal. Then I saw it. The one I had to have. Very simple, not flashy, discreet, and it was made the year my great grandfather, (someone who was not a mason but all of his brothers were) was born. He did and still does mean a great deal to me. It was perfect.
I am waiting for it to arrive from the seller in Longfield, Kent, United Kingdom. I am very excited. I look forward to wearing it after I am raised later this month. I think about the brother(s) who once held it before me which leads me to think of those that will hold it after I do.

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